Sometimes we are unable to provide certain functions because either you linked a social profile to Iconosquare after you agreed to the original permissions, or you did not allow all the permissions needed to unlock these features. Please follow these steps to break the connection and re-sync these permissions:

**Please note that this step must be completed by an Admin of the FB business Page associated with the IG Business Profile. If you are not sure, please follow this article to ensure you are an Admin first.**

1.) Remove Iconosquare's permissions from Facebook

-Open your personal Facebook profile.

-On the top right of the screen, click the little drop-down arrow


-On the left hand of the screen, select APPS

-Search, or scroll to find ICONOSQUARE

-click the little "x". When prompted, no need to click the checkbox. Just select "Remove"

2.) Re-authorize Iconosquare's permissions

- Open Iconosquare and select the IG account. (Using the picture avatars on the top right of your screen)

- Next, click this link:

- When prompted, you must accept ALL permissions- Do not customize these! (Don't worry, we'll only receive information from accounts linked to Iconosquare. Your data is safe!)

3.) If you have multiple accounts on Iconosquare, you will need to repeat Step 2 for ALL accounts which are IG Business Profiles. 

-Select the next account picture avatar from the top right of your screen

-Click this link again:

-Repeat these steps until all your accounts have been re-verified. 

-Should you forget to authorize one, we will be unable to collect your stats until correct*

NOTE: This will NOT have any effect on your stats. This simply refreshes the permissions to attempt to fix the problem with linking your auto-publishing, or your IG insights.