If you've already converted your Instagram account into an IG business Profile and you have an ELITE, MASTER, PRO, ADVANCED, CORPORATE, ENTERPRISE or AGENCY plan on Iconosquare, then you are you can see your IG insights directly on Iconosquare!  (If you would like to upgrade your plan, please visit our plans and pricing page here.)

To do this, first, make sure you are logged into your personal Facebook account and that you are an Admin for the Facebook Business Page associated with your Instagram Business Profile.

Then CLICK THIS LINK to grant Iconosquare permissions to verify your handle. If you have multiple IG Business Profiles, once the permissions have been granted, please return to Iconosquare and select the next profile (little picture on the top right of your screen). 

Next, hover your mouse over the lock icon beside REACH or PROFILE ACTIVITY and click the link:

Once you grant permissions, you’ll be redirected to Iconosquare where you can see your new Insights! 

IMPORTANT: Instagram Insights are available for posts and Stories beginning on the day you convert your Instagram to a Business Profile. If you’ve recently converted your profile, it will take up to 30 days for certain KPIs to populate on Iconosquare.