PRO+ users will find three additions to their Competitors section today.

We know that hashtags are instrumental in driving traffic to your Instagram, and that each business uses them differently—and to mixed results!

You're probably familiar with the word cloud we provide of each competitor's most-used hashtags. That data hasn't gone anywhere, but to augment it, we've added an aggregate version of all your competitors' most-used hashtags on the overview section.

Additionally, there are two new lines in the table of comparison, showing you the competitors' average numbers of hashtags used per post, and total number of hashtags used (including duplicates), for the last 30 days.

Lastly, on the individual competitor screen, you can see a comparison of your engagement on a specific hashtag, against your competitor's. If you and your competitors both use industry-specific or perhaps popular hashtags, this chart can help to gauge how well-received your content is compared to theirs.

Do you have more ideas for how we can help you evaluate hashtag use and find inspiration? Drop a note in our UserVoice community—we're always listening!

The Iconosquare Team