For Facebook marketers, we're excited to announce the release of our new "Page performance" section.

Here you will find data pertaining to all of your page's highlights: 

Page views history

See the views on your Page over time. For each day, we present the number of viewers who were logged into Facebook and the number who were not. 

Page likes/unlikes history

This chart lets you track the number of likes and "unlikes" on your Page over time.

Tab views

Take a look at the aggregate traffic to all of your Page tabs over time. 

Top tabs

View the breakdown of traffic to your Page tabs over time. 

Page CTA clicks history

Here we display the number of clicks for the various CTAs on your Page on any given day.

Page CTA clicks distribution

Here is the proportional breakdown of clicks for the CTAs on your page, by link. 

We've designed this section to give you the vital signs for your Facebook Pages. If you have any ideas for how we can improve, please drop us a line in our UserVoice community!

The Iconosquare Team