Instagram Stories are all the rage, and for our verified Business users on PRO, ADVANCED and AGENCY plans, they now have a dedicated Analytics section on Iconosquare.

Since we integrated Instagram Insights into Iconosquare, we've been keeping your Stories data indefinitely. Now we're introducing 11 new KPIs and 6 new charts to help you analyze that data, along with media blocks to help you compare your highest and lowest performing content side-by-side.

Here's a look at what the new analytics can do for you.

Story-posting habits at a glance

Starting with the top KPIs on the page, you can assess your own story-posting habits for any given period by total Stories, total photos (in Stories), total videos (in Stories), and average Stories per day. 

We visualize this data with the Stories history and Stories repartition charts.

On Stories history, you see the number of Stories posted per day over the chosen period.

On Stories repartition, you see your breakdown between photo and video posts to Stories.

Story performance

On the second half of the screen you can see how well your Stories from the chosen period have performed, based on total impressions, average impressions, average reach, average reach rate, average completion rate, total replies and average replies. Say that sentence five times fast!

We then break down the data with the following charts:

Impressions & reach history 

Best time to post - Reach, Impressions, Completion Rate

One of our most popular charts has been applied to Stories and calculated based on the times at which your Stories receive the highest reach, impressions or completion rate—take your pick.

Average reach and impressions by Story type

Completion rate by Story type

See if photos or videos lead to higher rates of completion on your Stories.

Lastly, we highlight your Stories with highest reach, most completions and most taps back

Have feedback or ideas for us? We'd love to hear them over on our UserVoice community.

The Iconosquare Team