Two small changes that bring you much more choice:

First, we've extended the global date picker to Facebook data. And second, we've introduced yearly options for your exports and reports!

If you've got a Facebook Page connected to Iconosquare, you can now select from the same options for your data history as you can on your Instagram sections, for almost every chart and KPI on a page at once. You can also set a custom date period with no limit to the time span.

Don't have a Facebook Page set up on Iconosquare? Learn how to do so

As for the yearly exports, head over to your Exports & reports section (available for both Instagram and Facebook) and "Create new export" to check out these latest options.

Under "Period," you can now select Last calendar year, or Current year. Now year-over-year comparisons are a breeze. 

Note: Your data will only go back as far as the date that you connected your Page or profile to Iconosquare.

As always, we welcome your questions and feedback.

The Iconosquare Team