It’s been a year of significant change at Iconosquare. Whether you’re new to our platform or an experienced customer, we want to help you understand all of our recent changes so that you can determine which of our new pricing tiers will benefit you most.

As always, we're continuing to use our customers' feedback as fuel for the next batch of features to be released in the final quarter of 2017 and beyond.

Facebook Analytics

Perhaps the biggest change in 2017 is that we now support multiple social networks. Facebook Page analytics launched this summer, and we’re well underway with development of a comment tracker, post scheduler, competitor tracker, and more, to complement our core analytics. 

We’ve heard that you would like to consolidate the SaaS platforms you use to monitor your social media performance, and our aim is to help you do that by adding more social networks in the future. 

Facebook analytics are available for all subscription levels.

Instagram Insights

A game-changer for users with Instagram business profiles, we’ve incorporated Instagram’s native Insights into Iconosquare, making it easy to track the evolution of reach, impressions, and profile link clicks over time. We also keep Stories data forever and provide more detailed analytics on specific posts.

In the future we’ll build out our Stories offering with custom analytics designed to quantify follower behavior beyond what Instagram provides.

Instagram Insights are available for PRO+ plans, provided the user has a business profile.

New Community Charts

One of the top requests we hear from our customers is for more information about their followers. We’ve leveraged the available public data for third-party profiles (aka your followers), to give you a better sense of your followers’ habits.

With three new charts, we help to determine how active your followers are on Instagram, and we estimate how easily reachable and how relatively influential they are.

Community charts are available for all subscription levels.

Improved Best Time to Post Chart

We’ve heard a lot of feedback about our popular “Best time to post” chart, so we gave it a brand new look! One that is more readable and informative than ever before. Improvements to the algorithm are planned for the near future, to make the recommendations themselves better than ever, too.

Best time to post is available for all subscription levels.

Fully Custom Date Ranges

Another small but exciting change we’ve made is to remove the date range selection from individual charts and graphs, and apply it globally to each section. That means you only need to set your date range at the top of the page to control every chart, graph, and—for the first time—KPI!

That’s right, data points such as “Follower growth” and “Average likes received” can now be adjusted to reflect growth for specific periods of time. 

And those periods of time are also fully customizable. Our custom date range option no longer has a 3-month limit. Customers can analyze data for any period in their marketing history with complete precision.

The custom date picker is available for all subscription levels.

Additional Download Formats

For customers who build custom presentations to report on social media performance, this is a big one. We added PNG, SVG and PDF file formats for download on every exportable chart/graph.

Downloadable exports are available for PRO+ plans.