Here’s all you need to know about our brand new pricing!

You can find our new pricing options here. You need to be logged in with your account to view.

Who’s affected?

Anyone purchasing from October 19th, 2017.

As an existing customer, you will only be affected by the pricing change if you are a PLUS customer paying for just one social profile. If that's you, you will be automatically transferred to the equivalent new plan at the same price. 

If not, you will keep the same subscription(s) for the same price unless you choose to upgrade.

IMPORTANT - please note that only our new plans benefit from the major new features we’re releasing. Therefore we highly recommend you to upgrade as soon as the new plans will be available on October 19th, 2017.

What’s changing?

First of all our plans will be renamed to avoid any confusion and to provide a better understanding on whom they are aimed to:

  • Our PLUS plan is replaced by the STARTER plan. Great for home businesses, influencers and solopreneurs. This plan is now limited to users whose social profiles have less than  100,000 followers.

  • Our ELITE plan is replaced by the PRO plan. Great for small businesses and professional marketers.

  • Our MASTER plan is replaced by the ADVANCED plan. Ideal for marketing teams.

Several major new features will be available on these new plans at launch:

  • Facebook Page analytics and management. You can now use Iconosquare to measure your performance and manage your Facebook Pages’ activity as you do with your Instagram accounts.

  • Multiple social profiles management. Higher tier plans allow for multiple social profiles (Instagram, Facebook) under one account, allowing you to save money while managing more profiles.  

  • Multiple team members. We now allow you to invite team members to Iconosquare. Different roles are available to collaborate in the most efficient way.

NOTE: In addition, the Influencer Search Engine is now ONLY available on the ADVANCED plan. It is no longer included in the STARTER and PRO plans.

I currently have an Iconosquare subscription. Will I be automatically migrated to one of the new plans? 

There are two cases: 

  • If you’re a PLUS subscriber with only one active subscription, you will automatically be migrated to the new STARTER plan. You will keep the same subscription for the same price unless you choose to upgrade.
    You will benefit from new features we release in the future for STARTER users. 

Please note that you won’t have access to our Influencer search anymore. 

  • If you’re currently a PLUS subscriber with several active subscriptions or an ELITE, MASTER, or CORPORATE subscriber, you can either keep your current plan(s), or upgrade to one of our new plans. 

            - If you decide to keep your current plan(s), you won’t be affected by the new pricing and you’ll keep your current functionalities. You’ll be able to upgrade to our new plans whenever you want. 

Please note that only new plans will benefit from the major new features we’re launching with this new pricing and that we will release in the future. 

That includes Facebook analytics and team member management. 

Therefore we highly recommend you to upgrade as soon as possible to the new plans. 

        - If you decide to upgrade, of course you’ll receive all of the new features we launch.

Please note that you won’t benefit from a prorated discount when upgrading to your new plan. 

Also note that only users upgrading to an ADVANCED plan will keep access to the Influencer search. 

If I upgrade to a new plan (STARTER, PRO or ADVANCED), can I switch back to an old plan (PLUS, ELITE or MASTER)? 

No, it is not possible to revert once you upgrade to a new plan. 

If I keep my current “old” plan (PLUS, ELITE or MASTER), can I upgrade or downgrade to an old plan? 

No, if you want to change your current subscription, you can only choose one of the new plans: STARTER, PRO or ADVANCED. 

Once I subscribe to one of the new plans, how can I link my social profiles to this plan?

You can link profiles on the 'Social Profiles’ section as normal.

  • If you have at least one social profile slot left:

    • Click on one of your remaining slots to add a new social profile to your plan.

    • If you want to add one of your inactive handles, simply click Activate on that handle. 

    • If you want to link a social profile currently on Trial, click Upgrade on that handle

    • If you want to link a social profile that is already linked to an old plan, simply click Migrate on that handle. The social profile will be then added to your new plan. 

  • If you don’t have any slots left: 

    • You’ll first need to upgrade your plan or subscribe to additional profiles for your new plan.

    • Then you can add a new social profile or activate, upgrade or migrate one of your existing handles as explained above. 

I currently have several Iconosquare subscriptions for different Instagram handles, what will happen if I want to upgrade to one of the new plans? 

One of the major updates included in our new pricing is the ability to manage several social profiles within a single subscription. 

For example, if you currently have 2 or 3 current subscriptions, you can upgrade to a PRO or an ADVANCED plan to combine them. 

These two plans allow the management of 3 and 5 social profiles, respectively. 

You can also subscribe additional profiles to your new plan individually, allowing you to manage as many profiles as you want under one plan.

I currently have several subscriptions for different Instagram handles, do I need to upgrade to a new plan for all my handles? 

No, you can keep your old plan(s) for some of your handles and subscribe to a new plan for others.
When upgrading to your new plan, you will be able to choose which handles you’d like to include under your new subscription. 

You will still be able to migrate the remaining handles to your new plan later. 

Keep in mind that handles linked to an old plan will not benefit from all of the new features we’re launching with this new pricing and that we will release in the future. 

Can I add an additional social profile just for a month? 

You can subscribe to an additional social profile for a month only if your main plan is monthly. 

If you’ve subscribed to a yearly plan, you can only add extra social profiles on a yearly basis. 

Note that if you subscribe to an additional profile, the end date of this subscription will be the same as your main plan’s end date. 

You will then be renewed for your main plan and your additional profile(s) at the next renewal.

I subscribed to an additional social profile. Can I cancel it and keep my plan? 

Yes, you can cancel your additional profile(s) and keep your main plan. 

Your extra profile(s) will be canceled at your contract anniversary date. 

Can I change the social profiles I’m managing during my subscription period? 

Yes, you can swap from one social profile to another under your monthly or yearly subscription. 

But note that as soon as you deactivate a social profile, you will lose access to the data for this social profile, and its data will not be updated during the deactivation period. 

To swap from one social profile to another: 

  • Simply click on the “Deactivate” link on the Social Profiles section, for the social profile you want to remove. That slot will become empty. 

  • Then click on the empty slot to add a new social profile.

I can’t access the Influencer search anymore after upgrading to a new plan, why not? 

If you have a STARTER or a PRO plan, you can no longer access our influencer search. Influencer search is now only available for ADVANCED users.