We know that one of the aspects of Instagram you find most interesting is the makeup of your community: who's engaging with you, how frequently, and how meaningfully? What are their own communities like? 

Of course, we're no longer able to display information about your followers' identities—namely, who has followed or unfollowed you—under Instagram Terms & Conditions.

So we explored what other possibilities exist under the current API, and are happy to report that we've identified 3 new meaningful data points for making sense of your followers. They are:


Here you'll see how easy it is to get your content in front of your followers. The fewer accounts your followers follow, the more reachable they are

The higher your reachability score, the more easily you are able to reach your followers in their feeds. 

Followers' activity profile

Use this chart to gauge how active your community is on Instagram, based on the number of posts your followers have published in the last 30 days. The more they post, the higher the activity score. 

Followers/following ratio

This chart shows you how influential your followers are. Users that have high followers/following ratios (40+) are considered to be Influencers. @Iconosquare, alas, does not have many of these!

We've also separated the former "Community structure" chart into two, and upgraded their designs: 

Distribution by number of followers

This chart indicates the makeup of your community by how many followers your followers have. In Iconosquare's case, 40.7% of our followers have between 100 and 1,000 followers of their own. The median* number of followers for our community members is 448.

*The median is the middle number from the range of our followers' follower counts

Privacy settings

This chart shows you the split of your followers' account settings between private and public. 

Continuous improvements to our data and analytics are our top priority at Iconosquare. Let us know what you think about these new charts, and if you have any ideas for our next ones!

The Iconosquare Team