We've heard quite a bit of feedback regarding our Best Time to Post chart, so after some design exploration, we're happy to unveil a whole new look.

From the previous Best time to post chart: 

Difficult to read with too many squares of similar colors, and no comparison to your actual posting habits

To this new and improved version: 

Cleaner and more clear

Our goal was to map your optimal posting times against your actual posting habits, and to make your best times to post perfectly clear.

The black circles on the perimeter represent the hours and days that you most often post:

For example, this person posts frequently around 6 pm, Tuesday-Friday.

While the colored circles represent your optimal posting times:

The very best times are starred. For this account, that's Tuesday and Friday evening.

Lighter colored circles also represent effective times. 

As with before, you can filter by engagement, likes and comments. We hope that with this new design, you'll be able to optimize your posting strategy with just a glance.

Let us know what you think!

The Iconosquare Team