What’s included in the Insights for Business?

Instagram Insights for Iconosquare gives you access to over 12 KPIs, charts and filters, and brand new Reach and Profile Activity sections! 

Here’s what’s included:

Stories insights: Analyze your Stories’ performance to optimize your editorial strategy with KPIs such as impressions and completions.

New media viewer with Stories analytics

New post insights: Understand your reach, impressions, and video performance over time. 

KPIs and chart from our brand new Reach section

Demographics: Identify the main segments of your audience by age/gender and language.

New Community charts

Followers online: Know when your followers are most often online and tailor your posting strategy accordingly.

Followers' hours online

And where to see the changes:

Overview: Most recent Stories with views and completions

Community: Gender and languages of your followers

Reach (NEW): Impressions, reach, average reach, reach rate, impressions history chart, reach history chart, followers online

Engagement: Views, average views, saves, average saves, views history chart, saves history chart, new filters on “best time to post”

Profile Activity: We’ve added data on your profile views, website clicks, email clicks, and more, as well have updated our mobile apps to include these new Insights! 

To learn more about these analytics, check out our glossary.

Is my account eligible for Instagram Insights on Iconosquare?

Here’s what’s required: 

  • A Facebook Business Page. Don’t have one? It’s free! You can follow Facebook’s instructions to set one up here

  • Admin permissions for that Facebook Business Page. Only a logged-in administrator can verify the relationship to the Instagram Insights handle.

  • An Instagram Business Profile. To have an Instagram Business Profile, you must have a Facebook Business Page. Here are instructions for switching your Instagram to a Business Profile. And if you’re wondering whether or not to convert to a Business Profile, we recommend reading here

  • Insights must be enabled on your Instagram Business Profile. See instructions here.* 

  • A PRO or ADVANCED subscription to Iconosquare. Note that ELITE, MASTER, CORPORATE or ENTERPRISE plans of our previous pricing are also eligible to this option.

NOTE: If you are having trouble linking your Instagram Insights, please follow this troubleshooting guide HERE

If you already have Insights on Instagram, it’s safe to say your account is eligible! If you are a STARTER or PLUS user of Iconosquare, or you don't currently have a subscription, you will need to upgrade to a PRO subscription to access them.

Check for the Insights icon on your Instagram profile

*IMPORTANT: We will present all of your Insights data history that is available from the Instagram API. For some profiles, this will be from the day they first converted to a Business Profile. For others, the data history begins later. By setting the date picker to a range before and after you first converted your profile to Business, and checking your "Video views history" chart under Engagement, you will be able to see the earliest date for which we can access your data.

How do I get Instagram Insights to show up on Iconosquare?

If you are a PLUS or STARTER subscriber or don't currently have a subscription on Iconosquare, you must upgrade to a PRO plan or above first.

If you are an ELITE, PRO, MASTER, ADVANCED, ENTERPRISE, AGENCY or CORPORATE subscriber, you can verify your Instagram Business Profile through Iconosquare.

To do this, first, make sure you are logged into your personal Facebook account and that you are an Admin for the Facebook Business Page associated with your Instagram Business Profile.

Then CLICK THIS LINK to grant Iconosquare permissions to verify your handle.

Once you grant permissions, you’ll be redirected to Iconosquare where you can see your new Insights! 

IMPORTANT: Instagram Insights are available for posts and stories beginning on the day you convert your Instagram to a Business Profile. If you’ve recently converted your profile, it will take up to 30 days for certain KPIs to populate on Iconosquare. 

Business Insights are also known as Advanced Analytics